IB is a demanding programme. It is valued when it comes to university admissions and during further studies at university. However, it requires more work than the regular and even AP programme considering all the IAs and the EE involved. If we focus only on the subjects and ignore all the extra activities of IB students, AP courses are less demanding than IB HL courses, and universities accept it towards credits. So, if someone is aiming for university credit, they should take AP courses.

The IB programme is one of a kind experience! It is not just about university credits! It is about developing students’ skills and getting stronger in analyzing, processing data, problem-solving and critical thinking. IB students are more prepared for university than AP students by the end of their programme, even if in some cases their courses do not count towards university credits. One of the goals of IB is to help students become lifelong learners.

The Following Points Might Help You In Your Path To Success

1. Choose subjects that you enjoy.

2. Start reviewing grade 11 material before the start of grade 12 so that you are not overwhelmed by the Mock tests.

3. Take the class tests, assignments, and individual syllabuses seriously.

4. Use the internet wisely. You can find quite a few exam papers and resources online. Do not also forget the right videos if you can not afford the right tutoring service.

5. Knowing the material is one thing, knowing the style of the exam is something else. Familiarize yourself with the exam papers and the mark schemes. Know what examiners want, but do not get caught up too much in past papers either. If you do not have the knowledge in a course, memorizing past papers will not help much.

6. Try to wrap up your IAs and EE as soon as possible and take them seriously. Senior year is tough! However, know that it is not your master’s or Ph.D. thesis, so use the guides and examples and finish them promptly.

7. You should do all of your reviews and studies before the start of the exam period so that you can focus on sample questions and quick reviews. Remember that studying fast is completely different from studying efficiently; therefore, try not to procrastinate and study as soon as possible so that you have enough time to review and do more sample questions towards the end of the year.


How Can HYC Help IB Students?

Hack Your Course Is The First & Only Institute In Greater Vancouver Focused on IB Programme With Specially Trained IB Tutors.Tutors at Hack Your Course (HYC) who teach IB courses are either first-rate former IB students who are currently exemplary university students or they have a Master’s or a Doctoral degree in the subject being taught. That is just first part of the story; moreover,  They all possess the requisite educational materials and closely follow the curriculum and goals specified by IB and use the material provided and mandated by Hack Your Course. They also prepare the students for all parts of the final examination in each subject by a thorough review of the subject matter and by employing previous examinations as practice exercises provide by Hack Your Course. An IB diploma final examination (both SL and HL) contains three parts (Part 1 consists of multiple-choice questions, Part 2 involves short answers, and Part 3 assesses the in-depth understanding of students in an optional topic in the subject chosen by them), and the manner of successfully coping with the material in all three parts is given equal emphasis by HYC tutors.  The success of the HYC method of tutoring IB students is manifested by how well these individuals adapt to and perform during their subsequent university studies.
Our unique and one of a kind online tutoring platform with all the hardware and software provided for our tutors makes the quality of the tutoring you receive unsurpassed. Our rigorous quality control system helps us to follow our tutor’s work even closer in the online setting.

Hack Your Course Is The First & Only Institute In Greater Vancouver Focused on IB Programme With Specially Trained IB Tutors We have been around for quite some time and we are particularly proud of our achievements in International Baccalaureate (IB) tutoring with our IB Tutors in all PYP, MYP and DP levels. Our tutors have had exceptional performance in regular and AP tutoring also because of our one of a kind quality control system plus material and teaching support. However, Hack Your Course is more geared towards giving the highest quality work for challenging IB students either SL or HL. We know ins and outs of the programme, we have the extensive teaching material and we have the expertise and the experience. If you are an IB student, look no further. If you are a general K-12 student, we guarantee your happiness also. Join us to get the quality you deserve.

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