review for hack your course online and in-home math tutoring and english tutoring service
Bernadette Riedijk
Bernadette R.
06:00 17 May 20
We are very happy with the tutors of Hack your Course. Since online schooling is happening we hired a Math and English tutor for our son. Since then he has learned a lot and improved his Math and English He noticed it himself too and that keeps him... motivated.read more
Armaghan Keshmiri
Armaghan K.
18:55 11 Jan 18
Thank you very much for the great service and reasonable price. It was our best experience with a tutoring service �
Jefferson Wvancouver
Jefferson W.
04:23 10 Mar 20
I am very pleased with the quality of tutors working at Hack Your Course. They have helped my daughter in Calculus 12 and IB Chemistry 12 this year. The manager Masoud responds very quickly to any inquiries or issues you may have. They take a keen... interest in your son or daughter's school work and how they do. I highly recommend them.read more
Shervin Milani Kia
Shervin Milani K.
04:37 28 Dec 17
Great services. Awesome tutors. reasonable prices.
Anne L
Anne L
23:42 19 Jan 20
I found Masoud and Hack Your Course Tutoring through online search a few weeks before the test. During that time, I've talked to quite a few local SSAT/SAT/ACT tutoring companies and didn't feel they are the one that I was looking for. My score... jumped up to 90+ percentile right after the tutoring. Among all the companies, Hack Your Course Tutoring is the most professional and effective tutoring you could ever ask for. On top, they don't charge beforehand. Masoud and Rob are totally reliable and trustworthy. I would definitely go for their tutoring again. Some additional information, Masoud was a former Duke acceptee. Both Masoud and Rob are gifted teachers. Thank you!read more
Soos Bei
Soos B.
04:25 16 Jan 20
We found Hack Your Score on Google.The tutors were excellent, and I really benefited a lot from coming here. Masoud and Rob were both great teachers. I only attended ten sessions but my percentile jumped more than 10%. The teachers were patient and... very professional. I was really lucky to have found them online. I would recommend Hack Your Course to anyone.read more
m rayner
m R.
05:54 07 Jan 20
Fantastic tutors, great with IB, study skills, building confidence and keeping learning fun!
dee elle dom stevie
dee elle dom S.
20:13 13 Dec 19
This was a very positive experience for myself & my daughter ! I highly recommend this company for extra help that’s needed. Thank you so much !Dahlia& Dom ❤️
Steven Lin
Steven L.
07:31 28 Nov 19
My son is in grade 7 and wants to apply the private schools, we know there are a lot of competitions so we decided to find good tutors to help his SSAT. We’ve talked to other two academies but honestly we felt not that good, “too much stress” as my... son said. Then we found Mr.Masoud of “Hack your course”, he was very gentle, honest and seems professional, then we decided to try with him. A few days later my son did a exam and his percentile is about 40-45%, Mr. Masoud suggested us to book 1 class for Math and 2 classes for English every week (1.5 hours per class). During the past 2 months, besides we can get report right after each class completed, we also have had very good communications with Mr. Masoud, the most important thing is, my son does not feel that much pressure, he actually enjoys studying with Mr.Masoud and Sam. I just got the score of SSAT exam which my son took on Nov 16, the percentile is 85% which is much better than our expectation, we are proud of the progress he made, also we’d like to express our gratitude to Mr. Masoud and Sam, you guys really help my son a lot!read more
Liisa Wagner
Liisa W.
15:06 22 Nov 19
Great service, even for more advanced subjects and grades. Very reliable.
ra ysa
ra Y.
03:33 29 Oct 19
This is a great tutoring service! Very catered to the student and the teachers are really knowledgable. Mehrad is super smart and very nice.
Cel Page
Cel P.
03:32 29 Oct 19
Mehrad is really great! He makes sure that his students understand everything. He is really nice and very good at math and science explaining.
navid saeidy
navid S.
23:54 04 Jul 19
Thank you HYC. My niece lives in West Vancouver and I arranged in home tutoring with hack Your course for her Math 11 IB and Physics 11 IB via phone. The management arranged with two knowledgeable and patient tutors who went above and beyond to help... her get results. Her math score hiked from 3 to 5 and her physics from hardly 3 to 5. They are now helping her with ACT prep. Apart from them the management was also genuinely concerned with her progress and was following up the quality of the work;something that never happened with other in-home tutoring companies that we tried previously. I will not hesitate about recommending HYC to any parent.read more
Elham Sanandaji
Elham S.
19:48 03 Jul 19
We had the best experience with this tutoring agency my daughter had daily sessions with other tutors and she was still struggling with her exams until we were introduced to them l was not optimistic because of the experience we had with other... tutors and we had less than two weeks to catch up but Mr Masoud assured me that they are not any thing like other tutors and I know now that he was right.my daughter’s tutor Joanne took the matter both professionally and personally it didn’t matter how long it took but she made sure that every thing was in perfect order when she left l appreciate their efforts very much and absolutely recommend them to anyone that is struggling with their children’s studies Because I have witnessed the results and I also know that for them it’s not just about business its personal thank you very much for helping my daughterread more
Emmalyn T.
Emmalyn T.
02:46 03 Jul 19
Very professional and helpful tutoring! I am so grateful to have found help from Masoud, and everything was so clear and well explained, and he were also super understanding and kind! My grades significantly improved and I definitely will continue... learning with them!read more
Jerry Tuang
Jerry T.
00:23 25 Jun 19
I have tried several companies for my son but this one was the best. They gave us the best tutor for his math. She practically saved him from a definite fail. After every session we received a report regarding our son's performance and the course of... action for next class. Now both of my son's have all of their tutors from Hack Your Course. Totally worth the money. Thank you thank you thank youread more
hamidreza zanjani
hamidreza Z.
20:53 17 Jun 19
After trying numerous tutoring companies we finally landed on Hack Your Course for our son's math IB and our daughter's chemistry AP courses. The admin understood our frustration and swiftly matched us with some tutors that stayed with us all... through this school year also. Tutors are kind and knowledgable and they alongside management genuinely care about the quality of work. I will not hesitate to introduce people to HYC. Thank youread more
Parsa Abrishamkar
Parsa A.
18:52 11 Jun 19
As a math, chemistry, and biology tutor at Hack Your Course, I have had a highly beneficial and fulfilling experience. Hack Your Course is a great company for any professional tutor to work for, considering their diverse range of activity; from... regular academic courses to IB, AP courses and even SAT/SSAT tests. Furthermore, it is the detail-oriented, highly organized and fair management that makes HYC one of the best ,if not the only one tutoring company, to care for, not only their clients, but also their tutors at such a high level. As a HYC tutor I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and having a good, responsive, and caring supervision and support from the company has been a significant factor in getting good results and feedback both from the clients and myself. It has been a great privilege to work with HYC and I have been very happy to work for a tutoring company with such high and professional standards.read more
Reza Aminzadeh
Reza A.
06:07 11 Jun 19
Very professional team, and great support for both tutors and students. I've heard many success stories from students getting service from Hack your Course.
19:28 29 Apr 19
I have been very impressed with Hacks tutorials.Masoud has been so approachable and the Math, English and science tutors are exceptional .They take a personal interest and my son has been very happy too,
23:52 25 Apr 19
The administration was quick to introduce me to a tutour who was well qualified and punctual. After offering guidance on how to solve math equations we were able to plot lines and slopes. He started with the pure math fundamentals before we began... solving word problems which made me more confident for the tests. I was ready to take the tests after reviewing the notes we took.read more
Mark Hamilton
Mark H.
01:59 05 Apr 19
I was extremely impressed with both the quality of the SAT coaching and the actual results on the test. Hack Your Course usually starts with a mock exam to determine areas that need more understanding /in-depth review. The result for my daughter has... been outstanding. I would not hesitate in recommending this company.read more
Arusha Oloumi
Arusha O.
04:04 01 Apr 19
We used HYC for both chemistry and English tutoring for grade 11. This organization is very organized and student oriented with their tutoring philosophy. We’re continuing to use their services and recommend them to anyone who needs academic... tutoring for high school.read more
ping Z
ping Z
04:46 27 Mar 19
我女儿的三个tutor:Peter, Chris, Uko 都是很有教学经验的专业老师,对中学教材很熟悉,并能根据学生的具体问题进行了有针对性和清晰的讲解与辅导,女儿觉得效果不错。另一方面,与母语是英语的tutor交流,加强所学科目之余也是一个英语学习和提高过程,所以推荐中国移民孩子试一试。
Len Ortega
Len O.
21:20 25 Mar 19
I called to ask question, they are Very professional, reasonable conditions. The tutor they sent was approved by my daughter. I would highly recommend them.
Saeed Sampouri
Saeed S.
18:35 22 Mar 19
Many thanks for helping Ryan with his SAT exam. With just a month of help, his math score jumped from 500 to 600 and his English section also improved quite a lot. I will not hesitate to recommend you guys to anyone else. It is not just the increase... but the tutors were also so helpful and understanding that we had not seen anything like this group in any other tutoring institute. Thank you again and wish HYC good luck.read more
Catherine Strick
Catherine S.
20:12 19 Mar 19
We have been very happy with the tutors you have arranged for Simon's Physics. They are well qualified and prepared, communicate well about times and delays. I am happy with your attention to details and your quick responses to questions or... concerns. Catherineread more
Gymmet Gymmet
Gymmet G.
22:10 11 Feb 19
The kindest group of tutors! We highly recommend Parsa, he explains everything so well, our son just loved him! Not just him but the owner was so accommodating and so happy to help. We will continue with there services, look nowhere else.
Allison Crane
Allison C.
03:53 25 Jan 19
We were very happy with the help we received for our son. The tutors were very thoughtful and purposeful in their approach and it resulted in a great exam score for our son. In addition, our son enjoyed working with the tutors. I would definitely... recommend Hack Your Course to anyone.read more
jack Bhangel
jack B.
20:47 09 Jan 19
I would like to thank you Masoud and Soroush for their help with Navneet's SSAT. With the organization and the right material, they increased his score from 30 percentile to 70 percentile. Masoud was more concerned with the quality of the work than... the money and that strikes me as exceptional! I highly recommend Hack your course to anyone who is preparing for SSAT. They are now helping my daughter with her SAT preparation and it is fantastic so far!Keep on good work Hack Your Courseread more
mousa davoodabadi
mousa D.
20:28 09 Dec 18
One of the best academy with the best and most experienced teacher in North Vancouver.
Avneet Sidhu
Avneet S.
19:02 09 Dec 18
I highly recommend Hack Your Course for right kind of guidance and support for your child's educational needs. My son who is a beginner in French, felt lagging behind in his French Class.I am grateful to HYC and Maqsood, for helping me find out the... best teacher for my son. I can feel that my son is confident and satisfied.I want my son to have SSAT classes as I am confident that we will find the most experienced and best teachers here.read more
Marie Forouzandeh
Marie F.
01:20 28 Sep 18
Even though we started pretty late but my daughter's progress was significant in Math 12 IB. The first tutor, unfortunately, cancelled on us twice but what I like what that they did not charge for one session and they changed the tutor very fast.... Also, they discontinued working with the tutor (he was knowledgeable but unorganized tutor). It was their first experience with the tutor. Their explanations and apologies were acceptable but I had to take two stars for that anyway. Sorry guysread more
morteza Jamshidi
morteza J.
00:55 11 Sep 18
My older daughter needed help with chemistry and physics for grade 12 IB and two of the tutors of Hack Your Course (Masoud and Parsa) worked hard and with a dedication to make sure she gets the highest grade that she deserves. She did very well in... both of the exams and I found out that this is the best way to say thank you. A TUTORING COMPANY THAT CARES ABOUT THE QUALITY AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION MORE THAN MONEY!! You can't find a lot of them nowadays!Thank you Hack Your Course and thank you Masoud and Parsaread more
Jennifer Follows
Jennifer F.
20:42 27 Aug 18
Masoud, as well as the other tutors from Hack Your Course Tutoring my son worked with in Science, math, English and social sciences, helped give him the confidence and proper understanding he needed to increase his grades and his knowledge of the... subject. My son over-performed not just because of good teaching but because of the caring of the tutoring service also; Masoud have made it a culture. They are the most caring tutors I have ever dealt with and I highly recommend them. They go the extra mile and I have found them to be more caring then other tutors I have used in the past. That's a shame that they are only active in the North and West Vancouver.read more
Rumina Sajjan
Rumina S.
18:28 20 Aug 18
I was very satisfied with the service, and promptness in Hack Your Course Tutoring. Masoud has a great teaching ability, very passionate about chem and math (12 IB math tutoring and chem tutoring and university). He does the research on the subject... so that he is well prepared. He also helped boost the confidence of the student in their ability to solve problems, and critical thinking. Lastly, Masoud would spent extra time when needed and before exams to prepare the student. He also was readily available to answer questions via email off hours. I would highly recommend Hack your course tutoring service to any student who is struggling.read more
Elahe Re
Elahe R.
18:46 18 Jul 18
We started working with Hack your course tutoring half way through the term. They introduced a knowledgeable and competent tutor for her physics 11. We found out midway that she hadn't even participated in the school classes. Even though the... progress was significant but because of her too many absent in the class, the teacher failed her. Her score moved from less than 10 to more than 50 in around a month of work. We really liked the determination and dedication of the management also. They took their work seriously and did their best to make sure that the tutor is in line with high standards.read more
Landon Follows
Landon F.
17:44 01 May 18
We got a great service for our both Math 9 IB and English tutoring. Management was genuinely concerned about the progress of my son and they helped him in every aspect. The price was very logical in comparison with what we got. We recommend them to... anyone that is looking for tutoring in elementary and high school in the north and west Vancouver.read more
marzieh kavosi
marzieh K.
01:44 08 Apr 18
Special thanks for helping my daughter to improve her math score. My daughter is in grade 8 and she had problems in math. Fortunately, we found her a nice tutor who could help her improve her scores significantly.
Jennifer Felinik
Jennifer F.
02:27 05 Apr 18
Finally a tutoring service that cares about students. Thank you for helping my daughter with her Calculus.
David Gagnon
David G.
02:59 03 Apr 18
We got the highest quality service for our daughter's math and science tutoring. The management really cared about quality and did his best to solve the problems occurred. We had tried several institutes but most of them did not care!
Bahareh Gholizadeh
Bahareh G.
04:01 16 Mar 18
Hack Your Course is the best one on one tutoring institute in Vancouver. I had tried several other institutes for my Son's Math and English tutoring that I found them on google or our community but they did not give us the satisfaction. Other than... the high quality work that they give us what strikes me most is that they do their best to keep the cost as low as possible by not increasing the hours for no reason that is pretty common in other institutes, unfortunately. Considerate, passionate, and knowledgeable tutors. It made a huge difference in my Son's math and English. Thank you allread more
Babak Shahbazi
Babak S.
01:39 07 Mar 18
Very professional service and excellent tutors. I have three kids and I am using tutors from Hack your Course for all three of them. One of my kids is 10 years old and I had a hard time finding a Tutor that she was comfortable with, but Hack your... Course patiently worked with me to find a tutor that my daughter absolutely loves. I would infidelity recommend Hack your Course to every one that has young kids.read more
Amandine Barbier
Amandine B.
22:52 21 Feb 18
Good tutoring service and polite and passionate tutors whose quality of their work is followed closely by the management. We needed English and math tutors for our children in grade 10 and 9. My kids fall in love with their math tutors. For English... tutors we had to change one tutor as she did not have a good rapport with our kids, the second one canceled on us before even starting but the third one is great. Even though we went through some changes but the manager made changes pretty fast and we are satisfied with the results. After all, tutoring is usually not a full-time job so changing is common. I also love the fact that Hack Your Course Tutoring gives the most of the fee to the tutors, unlike other institutes. I do recommend them to anyone in the North Vancouver and West Vancouver.read more
Tina Rezaeikia
Tina R.
19:22 16 Feb 18
This is a perfect tutoring company. They really care about the improvement of the students. I had a tutor for math of my daughter that is in grade 10. She was a 20/100 student at the beginning. After 10 hours of tutoring, she got 70/100 in her exam.... We also started working on her science that saw significant improvement. We had some scheduling issues with the English tutor for my Son's grade 11 English but they changed the tutor right away and this one is good and also knows French so it is fun as my son likes French.read more
Addison Smith
Addison S.
22:50 17 Jan 18
Hack Your Course gave us a great tutoring for my son's Math and English who is a grade 10 student in West Vancouver secondary school. Unlike most of the other institutes that my friends and I have tried for our children, they practice what they... preach. First and foremost the charged us after the first session as they said they are sure about the quality of their tutors and it turned out right (they said they will not charge if the first session is not satisfactory). Second, they were following the quality of the tutors' work closely and the manager was clearly reading all the report written by tutors and followed up on the ones that concerned him. I introduced them to some of my friends in West Vancouver and their quality was consistent. That made me write a review for them as I think they deserve it.read more
Jade Schmidt
Jade S.
03:47 10 Dec 17
Hack your course offered us a good price in comparison with other companies that offered the same quality service. What strike made me more interested was the fact that the owner was a teacher, not just a businessman. The Tutor that they introduced... was very patient and flexible and got along well with my son. His math improved significantly and we even used our free 2-hour online tutoring session that was very effective.read more
Thomas Sanderson
Thomas S.
19:55 04 Dec 17
Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to working with Thomas. With your help, his average increased from 20% to 65%
Anneli palianti
Anneli P.
19:48 04 Dec 17
We've been highly impressed by Mathew, our Tutor for math from Hack Your Course, not only for his knowledge but also teaching our boys to work ethics and to take responsibility.
Deborah Deeg
Deborah D.
21:10 23 Nov 17
I am very satisfied with their work. Their performance exceeded my expectation. I would never thought that my son could get that score in chemistry. The tutor (M) went beyond teaching and helped him overcome his fear from the exam. His explanations... were very clear and fun and my son learned the subjects very fast. Thank you allread more
David Baker
David B.
03:46 15 Nov 17
High-quality work and brilliant tutors. Unlike other tutors, the tutors that hack your course introduced for Math and Chemistry of my son were very organized. We received a report detailing our son's progress every session. We tried some tutors from... other institutes and even independent tutors but Hack your course worth the money. They call us every other session to check the quality of the tutor's work. My only problem is that they are more responsive to emails rather than calling, though they reply you in a matter of minutes. Benefits outweigh this problem.read more
Braxton Calkins
Braxton C.
18:50 13 May 20
I used Hack Your Course for almost a year in Grade 12 and I can say that it was the best tutoring service I have ever used. Starting with the great communication skills that all the tutors have makes life very easy for everyone. Also it is apparent... that the company pays each tutor much more than any other institute despite having low costs for parents and students. This only shows the owner Masouds commitment to providing proper education over the making of money. In the last 5 years I have used more than 4 and none have been as resourceful as the tutors at Hack Your Course. In taking IB in Grade 11 my marks drooped from those in grade 10 and the tutoring company I was previously with was unable to help me raise them. I started with Hack Your Course in the summer going into Grade 12. I worked with Masoud the owner of the company as my Math tutor, JoAnne for English and writing, Mehrdad for Biology and Omar for Spanish. Masouds team of tutors all provide a great service and know the IB curriculum very well. They also have access to IB past materials allowing for further development in each subject. Not only this but the tutor were very friendly and helpful even taking time out of there days to help me out over a Skype call. Dispite the 2020 May exams being canceled due to Covid-19 I know for sure that the tutor would have gotten me at-least a score or two higher (about 20 to 40 percent higher) in each subject than I wold have gotten with any other service. Thanks so much (Masoud, JoAnne, Mehrdad and Omar)read more
Sandrine Gallou
Sandrine G.
15:46 29 Feb 20
Originaires de France et récemment installés à West Vancouver, nous avons dû avoir recours en urgence aux services de tutorat de Hack Your Course pour notre fille en Grade 11 qui rencontrait de très grandes difficultés en Sciences et Mathématiques,... matières enseignées en anglais de surcroît. Nous avons trouvé HYC en faisant des recherches sur internet et avons rencontré Masoud lequel a été de très bons conseils sur la stratégie à adopter pour aider notre fille à rattraper son retard le plus rapidement possible. Les cours intensifs ont porté leurs fruits en l'espace de deux mois. Masoud a été très réactif, attentif et à l'écoute des besoins de notre fille. Il a su trouver les bons tuteurs avec lesquels notre fille se sentirait à l'aise pour travailler et se remotiver. Yasi est notamment sa tutrice en Mathématiques et Chimie. Cette dernière a fait un travail extraordinaire avec notre fille. Elle a réussi à lui redonner confiance et a lui inculquer une méthode de travail et de raisonnement scientifique efficace, ce qui a eu pour résultat de booster les notes de notre fille. Yasi a fait un travail remarquable et n'a jamais douté de la capacité de notre fille à réussir. Les qualifications de Yasi, son optimisme et sa patience ont radicalement fait la différence. Je recommande vivement HYC et remercie sincèrement toute l'équipe du précieux soutien qu'ils ont apporté à notre famille.read more