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Significance of English Language Arts

Beyond any doubt, English is the most important subject that is learned in K-12. The skills learned in this course will be used during all other studies, no matter if it is science,  math or art.

What is taught in our primary and high school?

The English language arts curriculum has been developed to “enable and encourage students to become reflective, articulate, critically literate individuals who use language successfully for learning and communication in personal and public contexts. The curriculum is to help the students achieve multiple literacies and become more critically aware in their lives and in the wider world.” The Six strands of ELA are; speaking and listening, reading and viewing, writing and representing. These strands are interrelated, and weakness in any of them can negatively affect other skills.

Students' Challenges and What Can Our Tutors in VANCOUVER Do!

Most of the challenges that students encounter in English language arts and social studies go beyond English. According to a study done by the” Centre for English Learning & Achievement,” the challenges are mainly with cross-subject integration and within-subject integration between the strands of ELA and integration of the teaching of reading and writing into content areas. Integrated language arts is primarily the concern at the primary level, while content area reading and writing problems emerge in high school.
Our English tutors in North and West Vancouver have achieved mastery over all of the subjects, and are very well familiar with the primary and high school English curriculum of BC. They distinguish students’ problems on the spot and plan a course of action according to the individual needs of each student.
Our tutors in North Shore can help students in all aspects, including teaching the whole English course, homework help, and English exam preparation through in-home tutoring, and effective online tutoring. They have the material needed, and we provide them with more material if they require it. They also have access to the best platforms for online tutoring.
Vancouver is a multicultural city, and many students have difficulty with their English and social studies. Our tutors in North and West Vancouver can quickly help them overcome these obstacles and improve their grades.

What We Cover

  • English and social studies from grade 1 to grade 12 including all AP and IB English 
  • English section of SSAT, SAT and ACT


Hack Your Course Tutors can assist students in all grades with the English language, literature and social studies. Whether your child requires personalized study for an upcoming English exam or ongoing support with English reading and writing, our Canada based tutors can help you with in-home & online tutoring in North Shore and online tutoring in Greater Vancouver & Canada.

Students of all levels, including those in Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureates (IB) can benefit from working with our specialized educators. Many clients also rely on Hack Your Course specifically for our outstanding results with SAT, ACT & SSAT prep in the West and North Vancouver area. More than helping our students to achieve excellent grades, we instill in them confidence and self-efficacy.