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Why Will You Be Happier in Hack Your Course?

We have had a lot of clients that come to us after being dissatisfied with other institutes! Our own clients seldom leave us for other institutes. Why is this so? Why are we so confident in the quality of our tutoring work?

  • We have a strict quality-control system in place. If you think we are a tutoring service that simply introduces you to the tutor and then leaves you be, then you are mistaken!! We are always there overseeing both in-home and online tutoring!

  • We do not charge in advance for our tutoring sessions! No long-term contracts! Why? We respect your choice of Hack Your Course, and we do not want to keep your money hostage. You will have no headaches with us whatsoever!

  • We have our own online-tutoring platform, and all the necessary software and hardware is provided for the tutors. We are also one of the first tutoring companies to do online tutoring actively in Vancouver and Toronto.

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  • We have been around now for more than four years, and we are one of the fastest-growing tutoring institutes! This all takes our time and energy, but we respect our clients and believe that Hack Your Course’s clients should get the best tutoring and nothing less. We genuinely care!


Not only do our tutors get the highest portion of the tutoring fee provided in greater Vancouver, Toronto and Canada, they are also highly respected! They know that with their hard work and dedication Hack Your Course has been very successful to date. They know that they are not just independent contractors, but rather an integral part of the family. We take care of each other, and that is one of the reasons why we can give you unsurpassed tutoring quality.

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After you contact us, we find the best tutoring match for you since we know our tutors’ strengths and weaknesses. The problem with websites like Superprof or Knowledge Roundtable, to name a couple, is that they do not know which tutor has what capabilities and lets you be the judge of that. We do that for you, and we do it quickly! In addition, if your tutor is unavailable for any reason, we find a suitable substitute tutor for you right away!


It is a question that we are often asked.

A premium tutoring company can afford highly-qualified tutors. Hack Your Course Tutoring Service gives most of the hourly rate to the tutors. Its tutors are some of the highest-paid tutors in Greater Vancouver and Toronto. In return, it can ask for the highest quality of work.

A premium tutoring company can afford to buy books, hardware, software and subscriptions for the institute and the tutors. Those purchases, in turn, increase the quality of the educational work. Hack Your Course spends thousands of dollars yearly for these materials!

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A premium tutoring company can check the quality of the work, follow up and engage with you. That is something you will never see with a regular tutoring company! The acumen of the staff and tutors at Hack Your Course also enables us to identify and deal with any other personal issues that might hamper the attainment of the student’s educational goals. Indeed, we have on occasion discouraged students from undergoing tutoring when we have discovered that it might not be the appropriate course of action for their overall wellbeing.  Most tutoring companies simply do not exhibit this level of care.