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Significance Of Chemistry

We are all chemists! Chemistry is the study of matter, its properties, and its reactions. Chemistry is present in our everyday life. A fundamental understanding of chemistry is necessary for most of the scientific careers. Chemistry has several branches that include analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and biochemistry. Our chemistry tutors in North Vancouver and West Vancouver are specialized in many aspects of chemistry and are trained at a much higher level than what they need to tutor a grade 11 and 12, including AP and IB (SL & HL) and French immersion schools. They, however, tutor only high school students so they can focus on giving the best quality of work to students.

Challenges Of Chemistry

Practically, chemistry for high school students starts from science ten, and some students have weaknesses from that level, as some teachers do not take science seriously. Some parts of chemistry, such as molarity and equilibrium, are intertwined with math. Most of the books do not present those parts well and make an already challenging subject more difficult. Some parts of chemistry are intangible and abstract, so that understanding them can be challenging for some students.

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How Can Our Experienced CHEMISTRY Tutors in Vancouver Help You?

Our chemistry tutors have extensive experience in mentoring students in chemistry courses ranging from Science to Grade 12. They are particularly proficient in the curricula covered in grades 11 and 12 at all levels, including IB (SL & HL) and AP courses, and they can also assist with the chemistry presented in grades 8 to 10. To date, they have helped many North Shore students achieve their academic goals.

What Do We Cover?

•  Chemistry 11 Tutoring Including IB and AP

•  Chemistry 12 Tutoring Including IB and AP

•  Regular science and IB Science Extended Tutoring


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