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What is Biology?

Biology is the science of life. It involves the study of living organisms, their physical and chemical structure, function, development and their evolution. There are several branches of biology such as; molecular biology, cell biology, genetics and developmental biology.

Challenges of High School Students in Biology

At the first look, biology might look like a subject that just needs to be memorized, however, it is way more than that. Most of the subjects in biology like genetics require a deep understanding, and answering questions requires critical thinking skills. Students at high school cover a wide range of subjects including cells, molecular biology, genetics, ecology, evolution, biodiversity and human physiology.

What Can Our Tutors In VANCOUVER Do For You?

Our biology tutors from Greater Vancouver, Toronto and Canada are experts in the field and help students understand biology at a deeper level. All aspects of biology are related to each other, and our tutors make this connection so clear that students can quickly answer any question. Our tutors amusingly present the material, such that not only do students have fun, they also learn biology effectively. Biology tutors of Hack Your Course Tutoring in Canada can help the students in all aspects, including teaching the whole course, homework help, and exam preparation through in-home tutoring, group or even online tutoring. They have the material needed, and we provide them with more material if they require it. They also have access to the best platforms for online biology tutoring. Hack Your Course is the premier IB tutoring service in Canada, covering all of Canada, specifically Greater Vancouver and Toronto. We have tutors and students from all over Greater Vancouver and Toronto.

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  • Tutoring biology 11 including IB (SL & HL) and AP and French Immersion Schools
  • Tutoring biology 12 including IB (SL & HL) and AP and French Immersion Schools

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